The Methodist Church Contribution Of The Brighton/Belvedere Community

The Belvedere Neighbourhood Watch hosted a lecture on Pre and Post Emancipation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) last evening at the Huffles Ranch.

The lecture featured presentations by Historians Curtis King and Decima Alexander-Hamilton.

The overall focus was on how the Methodist Church helped to shaped members of the Brighton/Belvedere Community in the early days.

Mrs. Alexander-Hamilton presentation concentrated on the late George Hamilton Charles, leader of the first political party of SVG – Eight Army; how he stirred the political consciousness of Vincentians, and his links to the Methodist Church.

She also presented on the late Sir Fred Phillip the first black governor of St. Kitts Nevis/Anguilla and the late Reverend Fitz Allen John contributions to the Methodist Church.

Meanwhile, Mr. King looked at the Brighton/Belvedere Community security before emancipation.