Online Shopping and Safety

Hanif Sutherland, IT Manager at the National Insurance Services (NIS) advises persons conducting online shopping activities are being encouraged to ensure that the vending websites are reputable in an effort to minimize their exposure to fraud.

He said during a discussion which focused on ‘Online Shopping and Safety’ and sought to advise consumers on measures to protect themselves while shopping on the internet.

Mr. Sutherland said one of the main precautions that persons must take is to look for a lock icon in the address bar that indicates the website is using a secure server. This will help to lower the chances of persons trying to intercept your personal details or credit information is very low.

You should also check for a customer support section, online forms to query your purchase and you should also make sure that there is a secured method of communication.

Mr. Sutherland said consumers must also ensure that the device being used is secure. You must be mindful of the system in which you are using and the environment you are in as well.