Results of last weekend’s matches in the National Lotteries Authority Top Belair Progressive Organisation’s Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Dauphine Playing Field.

Gairy Construction Simple Boys defeated Smart Snipers by 166 runs.
The scores: Simple Boys 248-7 off 20 overs (Jabari Cunningham 109, Kentish Phillips 60, Keithly Gordon 3-28, Matthew John 2-36, Sedan Searles 2-44), Smart Snipers 82 off 12.4 overs (Keithly Gordon 33, Ian Bushay 2-1, Travis Cumberbatch 2-4, Desron Maloney 2-10, Oswald Soleyn 2-15).

Combined Rangers defeated Smart Snipers by 2 wickets in a match reduced to 15 overs because of a late start.
The scores: Smart Snipers 94-8 off 15 overs (Sanchez Garraway 20, Randel Carter 2-10, Nehemiah Harry 2-17), Combined Rangers 97-8 off 14.3 overs, Sedan Searles 2-11, Harvan Smart 2-22, Sanchez Garraway 2-28).

Out Ah Trouble won from Stingers by 2 wickets but were disqualified because one of their players had competed for another team earlier in the Championship.

Dipcon Road Warriors defeated Dr. Thomas Injectors by 8 wickets.
The scores: Dr. Thomas Injectors 61 off 11.1 overs (Chester Kiel 3-5, Damon Mason 3-16, Kimali Williams 2-6), Dipcon Road Warriors 64-2 off 10.2 overs (Kenny Stapleton 31).