Project MEN 2020 will be hosting a “Day of Fasting and Prayer for the Men of the Nation” this Saturday, January 27th.

A Media Release from the Organization said the Prayer and Fast session will take place at the SVG Football Federation Conference Room, opposite the Anglican Church in Kingstown from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The organization’s theme for this year is, “Improving Men’s Health 2018” and is built on five pillars – Spiritual Health; Physical Health; Emotional Health; Mental Health and Financial Health.

The release said the session will include a Worship and Adoration session; a study on “the Importance of Fasting and Prayer in Improving Spiritual Health” by Conroy Huggins and a session on “the Praying Man” by Pastor Alex Altidor.

The day’s event will end with a Praise and Thanksgiving service.