Education Minister St. Clair Prince has called on Teachers, Students and Parents to continue to work together to enhance national pride as St. Vincent and the Grenadines celebrates 39 years of Political Independence.

In his Independence Address the Education Minister said as the country celebrates 39 years of sovereignty, he is hopeful that Vincentians spend some time reflecting on what it means to work together to enhance national pride.

Minister Prince said Students can help to enhance national pride by continuing to perform well locally, regionally and internationally.

He urged them to represent themselves and the country to the best of your ability in their academics, sporting and extra-curricular activities.

The Education Minister says Parents role in enhancing national pride starts by instilling in their children a love for country.

And to his fellow educators – Minister Prince said their part in enhancing national pride is a challenging, but attainable one.

He said they are expected not only to facilitate and develop the excellence that is our young people, but also to create avenues for their expression of national pride.