The Overland Progressive Youth Group, which was established in February this year, is making progress in marketing crops produced by its members.

The group was established by the Youth Affairs Division in the Ministry of Social Development, as part of a Youth-In-Agriculture Pilot Programme.

It is currently made up of some 17 young persons, in and out of school, ranging in age from 15-30 years, under the supervision of Assistant Youth Officer Antoinette Duncan.  The programme utilizes the Co-operative model and is being supported by the Co-operative Division in the Ministry. 

The group was granted permission to use the Overland Government school lands for cultivation,and land preparation commenced on the 16th March, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Following this, the planting of broad leaf thyme and hot peppers was done in April and June, and negotiations were carried out with Vincy Fresh, which is providing a market for the produce.

On July 30th,the group harvested their first crop of broad leaf thyme with a total of 15 sacks (688)lbs and on the 10th September, they sold their first crop of hot peppers:  a total of (20)lbs. The group has subsequently opened an account at GECCU.

And, so far over 2,000lbs of broad leaf thyme and 180lbs hot peppers were sold, with accumulated income of over 2,000.00 dollars.

Last Monday 10th December, the group took a decision that they would show gratitude to the Overland Government School, for allowing them to use the school’s land.  The group contributed books, toys and food supplies to the school.

The handing over was done at the school’s compound in the presence of students, teachers and some members of the group.