Updated La Soufriere Bulletin for May 18th 2021

 Head of the La Soufriere Monitoring Team Volcanologist Dr. Adam Stinton said the volcano continued to remain quiet overnight.

Dr. Stintion was providing an update on the activity at the La Soufriere volcano during NBC radio’s Eying La Soufriere program this morning.

The Volcanologist said there was a bit of rain on the mountain and satellite images continue to show that heat is still present.

Dr. Stinton whose focus is on pyroclastic flow deposits said it is just one element of the eruption that should be studied to assist with mitigation of the impacts for future eruptions.

The UWI Seismic Research Centre says the volcano continues to be in a state of unrest, and escalation in activity can still take place with little or no warning.

The volcano alert level remains at Orange.