The National Vaccination Campaign continues

The Ministry of Health is continuing its National Vaccination Campaign today in several communities throughout the country.

Vaccination Teams will be at the Chateaubelair Health District for the entire week to administer vaccines to residents in the community.

On Tuesday, 9th November and Thursday 11th November, vaccines will be administered at the Spring Village Health Centre from 8:00 am- 4:00 pm.

On Friday the Health Officials will be stationed at the Fitz Hughes Primary School from 1-6pm, and on Sunday, 14th November, there will be a Caravan Drive Through from Spring Village to Fitz Hughes from 1pm.

To date, a total of 46-thousand, 941 vaccines have been administered. 27-thouand 482 individuals received their first dose, while 19-thouand 459 got their second dose.