The multi- million dollar school improvement project is only one of many initiatives by the education sector

The multi-million Schools Improvement Project, which was launched here this week, is part of an extensive bundle of initiatives to be implemented in the Education sector

That’s according to Minister of Education Curtis King, who was addressing the official launch of the project, held at the Girls High School compound on Tuesday.

Minister King  said the Government will be implementing other improvement programs in Education, amounting to 20-million EC-dollars

The Schools Improvement Project is being implemented by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Caribbean Development Bank, at a cost of some 45.8-million EC dollars.

It will involve infrastructural improvement and institutional strengthening at eight Schools across the country, and the  construction one new Secondary School.

Meanwhile, Project Co-ordinator, Dimitri Samuel, said some contracts have been signed and work has already started on the project.