Local Weather Forecast

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Meteorological Service says there would be moderate shower activity here over the next two days, as moisture patches continue to cross the islands, with the mid to upper level environment offering occasional support to weak pulses.

Residents and motorists near rivers and streams, located in the red and orange zones near La Soufriere Volcano should remain alert.

Moderate Sahara dust haze concentrations are expected to remain across the Eastern Caribbean, while breezy east-north-easterly to easterly trades are anticipated during this forecast period.

Seas are currently agitated by the wind speeds and should remain moderate in open waters, with swells ranging between 1 to 1.5m on the western coast and between 2 to 2.3m on the east coasts.

Small craft operators and sea bathers should exercise caution for above normal sea swells and occasional gusty winds, especially on the eastern coasts.   Meanwhile, the SVG Meteorological Service says it continues to monitor the progress of a tropical wave in the eastern Atlantic along 43W longitude.