The semi-finals of the National Calypso Monarch Competition will be held tonight

The stage is set for the staging of the semi-finals of the National Calypso Monarch Competition tonight at Carnival City, Victoria Park.

And, President of the SVG Calypsonians Association, Earl Caba Bennett says everything is in place for the event which will feature twenty-two semi-finalists.


The semi-finalists from the Graduates Calypso Tent are: Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar, Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis, Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts, Cleopatra Hendrickson, Koskinski ‘Busta Ski’ Adams, Damian ‘Boney Man’ Noel, Glenroy ‘Homey’ Delpesche and Phylcias ‘Nubian Empress’ Alexander.

From the On Tour Calypso Tent are Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abby, Marvo Morgan,  Robert ‘Patches’ King, Derrick ‘Man Sick’ Alexander, Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance and Alvin ‘Zion-I’ Dennie

From the Upstage Experience Calypso Tent are Fitzroy ‘Bro Ebony’ Joseph, Gosnel ‘GC’ Cupid, Joanna ‘Nubian Princess’ Christopher, Shena Collis, Alpheus ‘Observer’ Duncan, Omani Cupid, Kristian ‘Lil Kris’ Christopher and Cecile ‘Lil Bit’ Murray.

The Reserves are Godwin ‘Gao’ Oliver and Malcom ‘Marshie’ Marshall.

The show begins at eight tonight and will be broadcast live on NBC Radio.