PM Gonsalves holds meeting with a delegation from Bonaire Human Rights Foundation

A delegation from the Bonaire Human Rights Foundation and the KNBB   of Bonaire which visited St. Vincent and the SVG last week, met with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and held very positive discussions on matters related to the listing of Bonaire on the United Nations list of Non Self Governing Territories.

The delegation, which was led by James Finies, arrived here on August 15th,  as part of a sensitisation program to let the world know of the struggle for emancipation and equality on Bonaire.

The team said it held fruitful discussions with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, and the Cabinet of Ministers to give them a deeper understanding of the fight to be listed as a “Non Self-Governing Territory”.

The team also engaged the media, on radio and television interviews, where they addressed the general public directly and engaged them in interactive call-in programs.

The team said in a release that the Government and people of St Vincent  and the Grenadines welcomed them warmly and fully support the  fight against this form of Neo-colonialism, supporting their right to self-determination.

The team said it will continue the fight for freedom and thanked the people of Bonaire for their support and commitment to the struggle.