Nicholas Pooran steps down as West Indies white-ball captain

Cricket West Indies (CWI) confirmed yesterday that Nicholas Pooran had relinquished the white ball captaincy of West Indies Men’s team following their exit from the ICC Men’s Twenty/20 Cricket World Cup in Australia.

He said: “I have given the captaincy a great deal of thought since the enormous disappointment of the Twenty/20 World Cup.


“I took on the role with great pride and dedication and have given it absolutely everything over the past year.


“The T20 World Cup is something that must not define us and I will readily get involved in the upcoming reviews. And whilst it will be several months until we reconvene as a squad, I want to give Cricket West Inties plenty of time to prepare for the matches against South Africa in March and beyond.”


Middle-order batsman, Pooran said that relinquishing the captaincy was not an indicator that he was throwing in the towel.


He said: “This is not me giving up. I remain ambitious and still view the captaincy of West Indies cricket as an honour that was bestowed upon you. There is no doubt I remain fully committed to West Indies cricket and I look forward to providing my services as a senior player in a supportive role.”



Overall, Pooran led the West Indies in 17 One Day Internationals (ODIs) and 23 Twenty/20 Internationals. He had a 3-0 One Day Series win against the Netherlands, and a 2-0 win against Bangladesh in Twenty/20 Internationals.


The West Indies Men’s next white ball series will be against South Africa in March 2023 involving 3 ODIs and three Twenty/20 Internationals following the 2-Test Series.