Annual Christmas Road Cleaning Programme to begin on Monday November 28th

The Annual Christmas Road Cleaning Programme is scheduled to commence on Monday November 28, 2022.

The program, which is collaborative effort between BRAGSA and the Economic Planning Division in the Ministry of Finance, will see the employment of five thousand, seven hundred and thirty-three (5,733) persons across the island, as well as in the Grenadines.

These will include 499 gangs and 743 Jobbers, who will be responsible for the cutting of trees, and cleaning of roads in all 15 constituencies.

Contracts will also be given to over 100 truckers and conductors.

The eight-day programme is being done at an estimated cost of three million dollars.

It is being undertaken as part of the Labour Intensive Temporary Programme (LITE), which falls under the Volcano Eruption Emergency Project (VEEP) in the Ministry of Finance.

BRAGSA is therefore appealing to motorists and pedestrians to take the necessary precautions during this period.