Students to receive $500 gift award next week for outstanding performance in recent examinations

Students who sat the 2022 examinations for their CSEC, CAPE and Associate Degrees will be presented with the $500.00 gift award for their outstanding performance next week.

More than seven hundred students will receive their awards at the SVG Community College Villa Campus, on Friday December 16th.

The Ministry of Education says to be eligible for the award, CSEC students must have gained five passes (Grades I to III) including Mathematics and English A.

CAPE students must have gained passes (Grades I to V) in at least 2 two-Unit subjects as well as in the single Unit Communication Studies (or Caribbean Studies) in two consecutive years.

Students in the various Associate Degree programs must have gained at least a B average.

Teacher Education Programs requires a GPA of at least 2.75.

The total number of recipients is seven hundred and thirty-six.  For the CSEC category 306. CAPE 234 and Associate Degrees: 221.

Of the recipients who gained Associate Degrees and are identified to receive the award from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, one hundred and seventy (170) are from the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies and the Division of Technical and Vocational Education, and fifty-one (51) from the Division of Teacher Education.

Recipients of the award are asked to present themselves at the Villa Campus of the SVGCC at 9am on December 16, 2022, with proof of identity bearing a photograph.

The Ministry of Education, National Reconciliation and Information is currently conducting registration of students for the May/June 2023 CSEC and CAPE examinations and expresses gratitude to all principals and teachers for the critical role which they play in our students’ development.

The Ministry of Education, National Reconciliation and Information also acknowledges the invaluable contribution made by our stakeholders and partners to the enterprise of education.

The foregoing is the fulfillment of an obligation to reward all students whose performance meets established standards of excellence.