Over 140 Vincentian students receive bursary scholarships from Taiwan

Students at the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level, were presented with over one hundred and forty Bursary Scholarships, compliments the Republic of China, Taiwan.

Taiwanese Ambassador Peter Sha Li Lan and Minister of Education, Curtis King presented the scholarships to the Students during a ceremony on Friday at the SVG Community College.

The recipients comprised students from the different Divisions of Community College and Students of Primary and Secondary Schools.

Director of the Community College, Nigel Scott, in his remarks said the Community College Campus and the Scholarship Bursary Programme are a reflection of what partnership and friendship is about.

Taiwanese Ambassador, His Excellency Peter Shai-Li Lan, said this is the twenty-fifth ceremony held to hand over Bursary Scholarships to recipients in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Minster of Education, Curtis King said the friendship between the Republic of China, Taiwan and St. Vincent and the Grenadines continue to provide great support to both countries.

The scholarships valued at 320-thousand EC dollars, will go towards supporting the students with school supplies, meals and transportation.

To date, more than Eleven thousand, Five Hundred Vincentian students have already benefited from the Bursary Program since its launch in 1998.