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Beekeepers Symposium To Be Held In The NIS Conference Room On Wednesday

A one-day National Symposium and Honey Show will this week be hosted by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Beekeepers Association. The event is set to take place on Wednesday February 3rd from 3:00pm – 5:00pm at the National Insurance Services Conference Room. The Ministry of Agriculture says the event is being held to solicit… Continue Reading →

The NIS May Soon Be Taking Steps To Inform Vincentians On The Revised Age Of Retirement

Executive Director of the National Insurance Services (NIS), Reginald Thomas raised the issue, during NBC’s Face to Face programme last week, Mr. Thomas said a focused public discussion is needed to educate Vincentians on the issue, since many persons are still unclear about the changes. He said one of the major concerns among Vincentians is… Continue Reading →

The NIS Says That Many Vendors In SVG Have Been Registering And Paying Their Social Security Contributions

Executive Director of the National Insurance Services (NIS), Reginald Thomas said while they have a high degree of compliance among vendors, they will continue to work along with them to have more vendors registered. He said this initiative will also form part of their 2015 public outreach campaigns. Mr. Thomas said an issue which they… Continue Reading →

Employers Will Now Be Required To Submit All Contributions To The NIS

Local employers will now be required to submit all contributions to the National Insurance Services (NIS) within one month of the deduction from wages and salaries, commencing at the end of February. Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face program this morning, Executive Director of the NIS, Reginald Thomas, said the move from an annual reconciliation… Continue Reading →

The NIS Wants More Omnibus Drivers To Be Registered

The National Insurance Services (NIS) has said that most of the Van Drivers and Conductors throughout the country are not registered and paying Social Security Contributions. Executive Director of the NIS, Reginald Thomas tells NBC News that while they have a done a significant amount of work in the past to have these omnibus operators… Continue Reading →