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One Week Training Programme For Key Stakeholders In The Child Care Sector

The training is set to open today and will be facilitated by consultant Jacqueline Sealy-Burke who has been engaged by the Government to train Service Providers at all Child Protection Institutions. The Ministry of National Mobilization says this Training is to complement the Child Care and Adoption Act, and the enhanced Juvenile Justice Reform System…. Continue Reading →

Saboto Caesar Says The Root-Crop Sector Continues To Show Positive Signs Of Growth In SVG

Saboto Caesar of the improvements in root-crop sector sector during his contribution to debate on the 2015 Budget in Parliament this week. Minister Caesar said the ministry is pleased with the increasing export of root-crops from st. Vincent and the Grenadines. Minister Caesar said the Ministry is also continuing its efforts to explore additional markets… Continue Reading →

SVG Fisheries Sector To Receive A Boost This Year From Japan

St. Vincent and the Grenadines will receive additional support from the Government of Japan this year, in upgrading infrastructure in the Fisheries sector. Word of this came from Minister responsible for Fisheries Saboto Caesar. As he contribute to de bate on the 2015 Budget in Parliament this week. Minister Caesar said there is significant potential… Continue Reading →

Agricultural Sector Rehabilitation Makes Great Progress

Significant progress has been made by the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries in rehabilitating the agricultural sector, in the wake of the devastating floods of 2013. Word of this came from Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar, during a News Conference last week. Responding to a question from the media, Minister Caesar noted that a… Continue Reading →

The Public Sector Reform Unit Host Workshop At The Knowledge Institute This Morning

The Public Sector Reform Unit will be conduct a half day workshop today as part of its continued thrust in enhancing the quality of customer service within the Public Service. The workshop focusing on “Improving Performance and Accountability” will take place at the Knowledge Institute, Halifax Street, from 8:30 this morning. The session is geared… Continue Reading →