Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves conducted a tour of the facility which housed the Registry Department

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says the facility which currently houses the offices of the Civil Registry Department is a vast improvement from the original facility at the Court House in Kingstown.

The Registry Department is now located in the building that formerly housed the Halifax Street Branch of the National Commercial Bank and the upgrade of the new facility cost the Government, over four hundred thousand EC Dollars.

Vincentians have already began using the new spacious upgraded facility which Prime Minister Gonsalves, who conducted a tour of the facility this morning, says this will allow the Registry to continue its work on digitizing its records including deeds.

Dr. Gonsalves says Birth Certificates are now done electronically and also forms part of the modernization of the Civil Registry Department.

Dr. Gonsalves says there is still some work left to be done at the new Registry facilily, which includes an expansion to the Search Room and the inclusion of a bathroom facility for the workers in the Search Room, to be carried out by BRAGSA.