Ministry of Education Will Continue to Hold Programs Aimed at Improving the Literary Skills of Students

The Ministry of Education will continue to hold programs aimed at improving the literary skills of students. This statement was made by Senior Education Officer with Responsibility for Primary Schools in the Leeward and Southern Grenadines areas, Joycelyn Blake-Browne.  She made this statement following a recent three-day workshop which saw some seventy-five Teachers from primary and secondary schools throughout the country involved in a training workshop to enhance the capacity of Teachers to achieve this goal.

Mrs. Blake-Browne said the training was intended to equip Teachers with the expertise to improve the reading skills of students and they will hold a follow-up session in the month of December. She said they hope to have the teachers come back during the first week of December to continue these sessions.She also stated, that the upcoming sessions will focus on Classroom Transformation where teachers can use materials in the everyday environment to aide in student’s learning.

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