Rules Of Law Booklet

A booklet that will bring clarity to the rules of law is being made available to Law-Enforcement Officers and concerned citizens here.

The document, “Points to Prove” P2P Booklet was made available through a collaboration between the Office of the Director of Public Persecution DPP, the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, the
British High Commission in Barbados and the US Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.
The Director of Public Prosecution, Colin Williams handed over the document to Commissioner of Police,

Michael Charles during a Media event earlier today at the Police Headquarters in Kingstown.
Some 1000 copies were printed and published in Barbados after three months of compilation by the DPP here, from June to September 2013.

Some of the topics covered by the booklet includes the judge’s rules and its directions, electronic recording of interviews, charging suspects, asset recovery and procedures for police officers in treating crime.

DPP Colin Williams said “Points to Prove” will be a good reference guide for Police Officers as over 30 offences are covered in the document, including newer offences such as money laundering and human trafficking.

He said the document forms a collaborative effort between investigators and prosecutors and is an important step forward in positively enhancing the criminal justice system.

He recognized the efforts of the Office of the DPP and especially acknowledged Dan Suter, the Criminal Justice Advisor to the Eastern Caribbean Project for his input into the completion of the document.

Meanwhile, Point Person for the Booklet within the Office of the DPP, Crown Council Tamica McKensie said her experiences from several courts here, have showed that all elements in an investigation were not always present during a criminal case.

Point Person within the Office of the DPP, Crown Council Tamica McKensie.

She said the idea is that each Police Officer can have the booklet as a reference point.