T.O.S.S Heritage Pageant

The Troumaca Ontario Secondary School (T.O.S.S) is hosting its 3rd annual Miss Heritage Pageant on Friday 28th March.

Speaking to coordinator of the pageant, Jolene Lewis, she said six young ladies will be vying for the title of Miss Heritage 2014.

The event which is expected to be held on the school compounds will see Shantel Williams Miss Black Point
Tunnel, Ruth Seaton Miss Owia Salt Pond, Angelique Cox Miss Dark View Falls, Shyan Handson Miss Baliceaux, Janella Wickham Miss Montreal Gardens and Ackecia Harry Miss Vermont Nature Trail.

Miss Lewis said the school is hoping to make this event an annual one on the school’s calendar, with hopes of hosting one in 2015. She outlined the various categories the pageant will see along with the packed entertainment package.

The Pageant coordinator emphasized the event is an opportunity for students portray their talent and to be educated about their heritage and culture and to be able to embrace it.