Agricultural Marketing Workshop

The Ministry of Agriculture will host an Agricultural Marketing Workshop tomorrow, targeting major buyers and exporters of agricultural produce here.

The Ministry says the workshop is aimed be aimed at quantifying the demand for commodities by markets and time periods.

It will also seek to identify trends, constraints and solutions to priorities marketing issues, developing strategies for cementing this country’s position in existing and new markets; and also increasing marketers’ commitment to work closely with the FSC, MOA, Farmers and other stakeholders.

The marketing workshop is expected to see the participation of farmers and farmers’ organizations, traffickers, small exporters and export companies, as well as supermarket establishments, hotels and restaurants, agro processors and other stakeholders.

The success of tomorrow’s workshop will feed into specific plans in the agricultural sector and will include production planning and scheduling at the national and district levels.

The workshop takes place at the Fisheries conference Room from nine tomorrow morning.

Addresses will be made by Agriculture Minister Saboto Caesar and Permanent Secretary Raymond Ryan.

Meantime, the winners of the NTRC mobile app competition who are students of the St. Vincent Grammar school will also make a presentation in relation to the app which is designed to address marketing in the agriculture sector.