Junior Calypso Finalists

A total of fifteen artistes have been selected to compete in the finals of the Junior Calypso Competition this year.

In the Primary school Category, the finalists are Gabriella Gurley from the Fancy Government School; Mahlique Castello and Shelsi Clarke from the Sandy Bay Anglican; Tia Wyllie and Cha-chanie Morgan from New Prospect Primary; Terina Phillips and Teyanna Williams from Brighton Methodist and Kristian Christopher from Layou Government.

In the Secondary School Category – Johnroy Haywood from Troumaca secondary; Roshard Tittle from North Union Secondary; Norissa Gerald – Sandy Bay Secondary; Shane Wynne from Bishops college; Brandon Frederick – St. Vincent Grammar School; Grantliea Caine from Intermediate High School and Kristiana Christopher from Thomas Saunders Secondary School.

Meanwhile … the finalists for the Junior Soca Monarch competition are Ariel Delplesche from Greggs Primary; Roshard Tittle – North Union Secondary school; Giovannie Collins – St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua; Niesha Richards – West St. George Secondary; Delanzo Lavia and Iran Pompey from the Sandy Bay Secondary; and Jasper Alexander – Thomas Saunders Secondary.