Three Day Training For Educators Across The Nation

Educators from several Schools across the nation will be involved in three days of training from today, as the Ministry of Education with support from UNICEF extends the process of implementing the Child Friendly Schools’ initiative.

Twenty-one additional primary schools are being added to those already involved, bringing the total number of schools in this initiative to thirty-four.

A release from the Ministry Says Teachers and Head teachers of participating schools will be engaged in the three-day training of trainers’ workshop.

The training will provide the opportunity for schools to engage in a whole-school approach aimed at transforming school culture through the use of alternative evidence-based practices leading to effective classroom discipline and school success.

The Ministry says the aim is to ensure that all schools are providing students with quality education within an environment that is safe, healthy and positive and where they can all achieve to their maximum potential.

The training will allow the schools staff to examine the processes within their schools and to gain the knowledge required to begin implementing the Child Friendly School Principles.