Little Participation With FAD Implementation Among Fishermen

There is little participation by local fishermen with the implementation of Fishing Aggregating Device (FAD) so says Traverne Ferrari Fisheries Assistant.

Speaking with NBC News on Friday, Mr. Ferrari spoke on the importance of FAD where it tends to attract juvenile fishes, and will see larger fishes following their paths. This he said will benefit fishermen on all levels.

However, the fisheries assistant said while the ministry is placing much emphasis on the implementation of FAD in the Vincentian waters, he does not think the fishermen are aware of the importance of this.
Mr. Ferrari said he has visited other neighboring islands to assist in the construction of the FAD where the response by fishermen was much greater.

He said the ministry has its role to play to educate fishermen about te importance of FAD.
Mr. Ferrari said thus far, they have seen about 12 fishermen who have been periodically lending assistance. The Fisheries assistant said the fishermen however, have been asking for financial aid.

Meantime, the ministry of fisheries is schedule to host a two- day workshop which will focus on fishing aggregating Devices (FADs) development.

The workshop targeted at highlighting (FADs) will take place on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th April beginning at 9:00 am until 3:00 am.