Call For Vincentians To Speak Out Against Child Abuse

Director of the National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP) Nichola Evans is continuing its call for Vincentians to Speak out and break the silence of child abuse in this country.

Speaking to NBC News today, Evans expressed much sadness on the loss of a three year old boy who was perished in a house fire on Saturday morning due to negligence.

Ms. Evans said this too is a form of child abuse and stressed that there is a great need for parents to take responsibility of their children.

The NCCP director said that child abuse cannot continue in this nation and calls for persons to join forces with the NCCP to raise the alarm against all forms of child abuse.

She said when she heard news of the incident, she was lost of words and wondered why she was not informed of the child before.

Ms. Evans emphasized that she wants people to be so aware of child abuse that they would refuse to sit back and let it happen.