Tiger Shark Found In Mustique Waters

The sustainable Grenadines Incorporated SUSGREN, is trying to determine the cause of death of a large tiger shark which was found floating yesterday in Rutland Bay, part of the Mustique Marine Conservation Area.

A release from SUSGREN says the tiger shark was found floating dead on Tuesday morning amongst large quantities of seaweed.

SUSGREN says this is an unusual occurrence in the Grenadines and in the Caribbean region, and globally. The shark was found by sea turtle researchers during an early morning patrol and was determined to be an 11 foot long female tiger shark, with no visible injuries.

The release explained that tiger sharks are highly susceptible to fishing pressure and are officially considered by scientists as ‘near threatened’. This means that their population faces extinction in the near future. They have extremely low rates of reproduction and the female was not carrying any young.

SusGren says checks are currently being made with shark experts about the possible causes of death, especially to determine whether the death might be linked to the influx of seaweed that is currently affecting the Eastern Caribbean.