Public Service Union Matter Resolved

The operations of the Public Service Union (PSU) have begun to return to a state of normalcy following last week’s court ruling in its favor against former Union President Couls Vanloo.

On September 2013, the PSU held a special meeting to call for the removal of Mr. Vanloo, citing issues relating to his conduct as head of the organization.

An interim committee, chaired by Elroy Boucher, was appointed to lead the union.

But, Mr. Vanloo maintained that he is still president of the PSU and initiated legal action against the union, challenging the legality of the decision.

Speaking at a news conference this morning, Chairperson of the interim committee, Elroy Boucher, the ruling, handed down on April 14th, is a huge victory for the Union and its members.
Mr. Boucher said the Union can now focus its efforts on preparations for the election of a new executive to carry forward the mandate of the organization.