Ministry Of Forgien Affairs Three-Day IT Workshop

The Science and Technology Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IT is hosting a workshop and camp on “Techno-preneurship” and Robotics.

The 3-day workshop is taking place at the Telecoms Conference Room and involves Teachers and Youth Workers.

Science and Technology coordinator in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information Technology, Phillip Jackson, says the participants are learning about the processes involved in taking an idea to the stage of a business creation or a product, bringing together science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Jackson says they are also learning about robotics and its application to real world problems, and will also be taught to plan and conduct science and technology camp for students and young people.

He said the workshop sessions will be followed by a camp for students

Mr. Jackson says the initiative is intended to enlighten Teachers and students on the possibilities available for developing businesses in the field of Information Technology.