Winfresh Two-Day Agricultural Mission

A three member team from Winfresh is now in the state for a two-day mission.

The Mission comprises: Chief Executive Officer Bernard Cornibert, Procurement Officer Phil Collins and Purchasing and Logistics Manager Cuthbert Joseph.

A release from the Ministry of Agriculture says the Ministry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Winfresh for the export of six 40ft containers of root crops to the United Kingdom (UK) on a weekly basis.

A release from the Ministry says the agreement was signed as part of the ongoing effort by the Ministry to diversify the agricultural sector.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar says the visit by the team from Winfresh shows the commitment of both the Government and Winfresh to increase the exports of agricultural produce to the UK.

Minister Caesar said both parties are cognizant that market access is critical for growth in the agriculture sector. He disclosed that visits will be made to several dasheen, sweet potato and ginger farmers over the next two days, as part of the effort to create the farmer base necessary to facilitate the export to the UK.

Local Agro processing company Vincyfresh Limited is a subsidiary of Winfresh Limited.