Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Telecoms Workshop

Some sixty students between the ages of eight and sixteen years are now involved in a two-day camp at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, which is focusing on Tecno-preneurship and Robotics.

The camp was preceded by a three-day workshop which targeted Teachers and Youth Workers, who were taught about robotics and its application to real world problems. They also learned how to plan and conduct a science and technology camp for students and young people.

The activities are being coordinated by the Science and Technology Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The students are being exposed to the same concepts and content related to techno-preneurship and robotics. They are working together in groups on specific projects.

The week’s activities will culminate tomorrow with a closing ceremony and a display of projects, as well as a showcase of science and technology kits.

The ceremony will be held at the Peace Memorial Hall from one-thirty tomorrow afternoon.