Fourth Climate Change Seminar To Be Held To Discuss Topics Such As Our Country’s Vulnerability

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Secretariat is in final preparations to host its fourth climate change seminar, which is to focus on ‘Approaches to Managing Disaster Risks and Building Resilience.’

The seminar will take place at the National Insurance Scheme Conference Room in Kingstown, St Vincent from September 16-18, 2014.

The Secretariat says a major output, which is expected out of the seminar, is a portfolio of new ideas for strategies and approaches in managing disaster risks and vulnerabilities, as well as recommendations that will inform policies, plans and programmes for building resilience to extreme events related to climate change.

The seminar will address a myriad of topics such as:
1. Vulnerability of the region to extreme events that may be brought on by climate change;
2. Economic, Social and Psychological Impacts of Extreme Events
3. Enhancing resilience to natural hazards and climate change;
4. Examining an integrated strategic response to the threats of climate change;
5. Mainstreaming climate change into national planning and development processes;
6. Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in the Context of SIDS; and
7. Financing climate change resilience
The OECS Secretariat estimates that some 80 participants will be in attendance at the two-day seminar representing private entities, and government agencies who work in climate sensitive sectors, as well as international and regional bodies who are leading research on climate change.

The seminar is being held as part of the OECS/USAID RRACC Project – a five-year developmental project which was launched in 2011 to assist OECS governments with building resilience through the implementation of climate change adaptation measures.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is scheduled to deliver the feature address at the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday September 16th beginning at 6:30pm.