Ministry Of Health Takes Steps To Provide Quality Healthcare With Training Sessions

Local health personnel are this week involved in training sessions being conducted by medical experts from the World Pediatric Project.
A release from the Ministry of Health says about 28 Health Practitioners are benefiting from the two-day training programme, which wraps up today at the Public Health Conference Room.

The Ministry says the training is being provided as efforts continue towards providing quality, sustainable and comprehensive health care to the population.

Meanwhile, the Ministry says the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital is now better able to meet the medical needs of patients, following the commissioning of a new Integrated Chemistry and Immuno-assay Analyzer Machine at the Laboratory Department of the Hospital.

Additionally, a new CT scan machine that was deposited at the hospital in August last year, is now fully functional and is actually an upgraded version of the original CT scanner that was damaged during the Christmas Disaster in 2013.

The scanner is valued at one-million, 944-thousand-EC dollars and was made possible through the support of the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the National Insurance Services.

Additional retrofitting work was undertaken at the Radiology Unit on the upper level at the hospital to accommodate the new scanner at a cost of some 60-thousand dollars, provided by the Government of SVG.

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