Fuel Price Reduction

The Ministry of Trade has announced a further reduction of more than one dollar in the price of gasoline and diesel effective today.

A Government official told NBC News Monday that the price of a gallon of gasoline will now be 12- dollars and 72 cents; down from 13- dollars and 81 cents.
This is a reduction of one dollar and nine cents.

The cost of a gallon of diesel goes from 13 dollars and 91 cents to 12 dollars and 72 cents, a reduction of one dollar.
It’s the fourth reduction in the price of gasoline and the first in diesel fuel in the past four months totaling 2-dollars and 56-cents.

The official explained that issues between Sol and the Ministry of Trade, which are still unresolved, affected the decision regarding the reduction in the price of diesel.

Crude oil prices have fallen sharply on the international market resulting in fuel price reductions along the consumer chain.

(Photo by: www.cardekho.com)