St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Sends A Message Of Support Following The Tragic Bus Accident

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has received a message of support from his counterpart, St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, following Monday’s accident.

Dr. Anthony said just over three years ago, St. Lucia suffered similar tragedy, and he noted that a loss of this nature touches all persons throughout the region, and draws them closer together as a people.

He noted that it is never easy to deal with an accident of this magnitude, and the sorrow and pain are magnified when children are involved.
And, he called on St Lucians to spare a thought and say a prayer for those families, who must be in turmoil right now.

Dr. Anthony offered prayers for the schools, the communities and the homes that have been impacted by the terrible accident that took place on Monday morning.

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