Thirty-five hotels Will Today Receive Their Licenses As Tourism Approved Accommodation

The licenses will be presented by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority at a ceremony which will take place at the Conference Room of the Sunset Shores Hotel, from 1pm.

The hotels that will receive their licenses at today’s ceremony have successfully complied with the guidelines in the minimum standard for tourist accommodation having undergone the requisite inspections by the Tourism Audit Team.

The licensed properties will be listed appropriately in all marketing and promotional material of the SVG Tourism Authority as well as on the website and through social media marketing.

Licensed properties will also be promoted by the Authority’s overseas offices at sales calls, travel and trade events as well as by the destination’s PR Agencies in the print and electronic media and familiarization visits.

The tourism approved license must be displayed in a conspicuous place in the respective establishments.

Today’s ceremony will be addressed by Tourism Minister Cecil McKie; CEO of the Tourism Authority Glenn Beache and President of the Hotel and Tourism Association, Kim Halbich.

This is the second ceremony to be held by the SVGTA; the first batch of licenses was issued to 99 taxi operators, 11 tour operators and five short-term vehicle rental operators who received their licenses as approved tourism service providers in December 2014.

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