CWSA White Goods Disposal

The Solid Waste management Unit in the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) will give Vincentians another opportunity to dispose of unwanted white goods later this month.

Collections Superintendent, Greg Francois, said the CWSA will be facilitating white goods disposal from February 23rd to the 28th, during the designated garbage collection days in the various communities.

Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face program this morning, Mr. Francois said while the CWSA has been providing this service over the years, persons continue to engage in illegal dumping activities.

Mr. Francois urged persons to desist from illegally dumping these items, which can have harmful effects on the environment.

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  1. I’m wondering when should we expect the Central Water and Sewerage Authority to pick up white goods here on Mayreau (since we don’t have a “designated garbage collection day” in our community)..

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