Rubis Expresses Concern About New Price Regulations

Fuel Supplier Rubis West Indies Limited has expressed concern about the new regulated prices approved by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines with effective date of February 16.

In a letter to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Nathaniel Williams Rubis said it is deeply concerned about the new regulated process approved by the government.

The Managing Director Mauricio Nicholls is requesting that Government reconsider the wholesale price of a 100lb cylinder to 132 dollars; a 25lb cylinder to $35.25; and a 20lb cylinder to $28.25.

But … Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has rejected the proposal from RUBIS.

Speaking at a Media Conference on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said the suppliers are required to sell the gas as stipulated by the Government.
Consumers are now paying between 29 and 33 dollars for a 20-pound cylinder of cooking gas, depending on the area where they live. A 25lb cylinder now sells for $36.25 and a 100lb cylinder is now 138 dollars in Areas One, Two and Three and 159 dollars in Area Four.