Writing and Performance Symposium For Students And Teachers Alike

Several topics are being addressed at a Writing and Performance Symposium which is being held today for Teachers and Students who have a keen interest in the Performing Arts.

The symposium is designed to equip participants with tools for effective song writing and performance, with particular focus on the writing and performance of Calypso and Soca songs.

The activity is intended to be a boost, particularly for schools participating in this year’s Junior Calypso and Soca competitions.

The main objectives of the symposium are:

  1. To improve the standard of song writing, especially at the junior level

  2. To encourage the teaching of calypso and soca composition at the classroom level, by making a connection to Language Arts and other subject areas

  3. To enhance the quality of vocal performance and stage craft, which would improve students’ entertainment value

  4. To sensitize students to the operations of the artistic industry

The symposium, organized by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Carnival Development Corporation and the SVG Calypsonians’ Association, is taking place at the Memorial Hall.

The topics being covered include Performance Techniques; Elements of Composition; and the Music Business.