Graduates Calypso Tent Presentation

The Graduates Calypso Tent will be presenting a 23-member cast for this year’s Calypso Season, when it holds its first show on Tuesday June 2nd.

The Tent says it is featuring a blend of experienced veterans alongside young promising Calypsonians such as Chewalee Johnson, who is entering the Calypso arena for the first time this year.

The cast also includes Kristiana Christy Christopher; Otis Flipper Cain; Kingsley Hero Roberts; Michael Lord Have Mercy Ollivierre; Maxwell Tajoe Francis; Godwin Gao Billy; Aurella Kahaila Beach; Glenroy Homey Delplesche; Glen Bump-I Richards; Lynton Sweet Sixteen Samuel;

Also among the line-up are Richard Ranking Mandy Samuels; Kendal Wassy Williams; Michael Black Messenger John; Kosinski Buster Ski Adams; Lance DaVincy Chapman; Gabriel Jessekaya Culzac; Michael Bo Salt Daniel; Pilling Douvalle Plllard; Groovy Dready; Sonny Sunny Banks Young; St. Clair Mitch Lewis and Tent Leader Glenroy Sulle Caesar.

The tent is celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year and has adopted the theme “Keep the Calypso Flames Burning”.