Rising Concerns Of Bush Fires In SVG By The Forestry Department

The Forestry Department is expressing concerns about the recent increase of bush and forest fires being lit around this time.

The Department says these fires have been more frequent on the leeward side of the island, where the wanton lighting of the dry vegetation has resulted in destruction of property, livelihoods and the probable cause of injury to some persons.

In addition to the direct damages, the continuous lighting of fires provides the condition for massive landslides when the rain eventually falls. The fires are also a health issue to persons who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma.

According to reports, fires have been recently lit in Troumaca, Rose Bank and Kingstown Park where a number of dwelling houses were under threat and in one instance, the falling of a fire-burnt tree at Rose Bank which slid down hill threatening the lives of some residents.

Other fires have been recorded in Spring Village, Belle Isles, Lowmans Bay and other areas including roadsides.

The Department is appealing to the offenders to desist from this practice as it is against the forest and other laws, punishable by a penalty or confinement.

The present dry conditions do not lend for the burning of bush or garbage, whether in the home or on the farm, as fires can quickly get out of control, spiraling into a destructive element which also kills our wildlife and other farm animals.

The Department is cautioning against the lighting of fires for picnic, hunting or any other reason that can present the possibility of a disaster.