Camllio Gonsalves: Small Island States Are Put At A Disadvantage

Small Island States (SIDS) can sometimes fall victim to the “might is right” mentality of countries with great economic and military power.

Senator Gonsalves, while delivering a lecture on international affairs, at the UWI Open Campus last night, said that our islands are affected by a global order, which at times, has no idea we exist and is not receptive to our needs and aspirations. He added that because the system was not designed with SIDS in mind, there are loopholes which make us a force to be reckoned with.

Senator Gonsalves said, the 37 member alliance of SIDS in the United Nations, roughly translates to one fifth of the total membership. He added that this is important, because votes can advance or defeat resolutions, and shape the leadership and direction of critical international bodies.