Camillo Gonsalves At The Caribbean 2030 Meeting

Foreign Affairs Minister Camillo Gonsalves is currently in the United Kingdom for the Wilton Park’s meeting on the ‘Caribbean 2030: New thinking for a new generation’.

The meeting is being held at Wiston House, West Sussex, England and it’s expected to wrap up today.

The agenda for the three day meeting includes presentations and group discussions on drivers for change and new thinking, the key challenges and opportunities for the Caribbean and managing risks and improving resilience.

Caribbean 2030 is being held in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Caribbean Policy Research Institute Foundation and the Caribbean Council.

It is addressing questions such as: How do the new and next generation of leaders in the Caribbean see the future? What is their vision for 2030 and beyond? How can they work better together to face the economic, political and security challenges and opportunities they face?

Wilton Park is considered one of the world’s leading institutions for in-depth discussion of international policy issues and challenges.