Anti Money Laundering In SVG

Local Financial and Non-Financial Business entities are being urged to send representatives to a major anti-Money Laundering Conference, set to take place in Antigua/Barbuda next month.

The 7th Annual Conference will focus on Anti Money Laundering Counter Financing of Terrorism, and Anti-Fraud and Financial Crimes.

The event, which is hosed each year by KAW Management Services Limited, based in Antigua, will be followed by a Post Conference Workshop.
Owner and Managing Director of KAW Management Services Limited, Kem Warner, says the Conference is slated for July 13th and 14th

The Conference is expected to attract delegates representing financial and non-financial organisations from the Caribbean, including personnel from banks, credit unions, insurance companies, gaming companies, money service businesses, lending agencies, regulators and mortgage brokers.

Also invited to attend are representatives of law firms, trust companies, the registrar of co-operatives, accounting firms, financial intelligence units, brokerage firms, law enforcement agencies, offshore service providers and telecommunications companies.