Spanning Of The Yambou River

Director of Special Projects in the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Jerrol Thompson said The Argyle International Airport will be a state of the art facility which can be compared to the finest airports throughout the world.

He made this statement last week during a visit to witness the Yambou River now flowing through the corrugated steel culverts installed at the International Airport Project at Argyle.

The route was opened to allow the water to flow through the culverts, one year after work began on the spanning of the Yambou River.

This re-routing of the river will allow the water to flow safely under the runway which is being constructed over the culverts.

Dr. Thompson said the work and designs which are being put into the Argyle International Airport will place it among the world’s best airports.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of the International Airport Development Company (IADC), Dr. Rudy Matthias, said the rerouting of the river is a significant development as they press ahead with the airport project.

He said the successful rerouting of the river is a distinct part of the work which they had to complete to have the airport ready by the end of this year.