Improvement In The Reading Competency Of Grade 6 Pupils

The Ministry of Education has noted some improvement in the reading competency of grade 6 students over the last 2 years. These findings come from an annual aptitude test done before the grade 6 pupils exit primary school.

Education Officer with responsibility for Literacy, Language and Communication, Mavis Joseph, said that the competency levels of grade 6 female students, surpasses that of their male counterparts. Joseph, giving a presentation at an OECS/USAID funded Early Learners Programme (ELP) meeting, presented statistical evidence that the boys are not performing on par with the girls.

Joseph stated that proper measures need to be implemented in order to combat the obvious disparity in competency between boys and girls.
She said that some teachers have been trying to change the way they teach, but there are many factors that hinder the chance of making a change.