Youth Skills Development Program On The Way

The Ministry of Education officially launched its Youth Skills Development Program on Tuesday October 20th, at the National Insurance Services Training Room.

While addressing the launched, Dr. Linda Cooke, the Senior Technical Advisor and Regional Co-ordinator of the CARICOM- Education for Employment Project, challenged the Ministry of Education to change the way it labels certain programmes.

Additionally, Dr. Cooke pointed out that the way the Ministry currently labels certain programmes can deter people from signing up for programmes that could offer them significant benefits.

And Cherianne Clarke, of the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom, said the involvement of the UK in this venture is an indication of their commitment to the growth of the region.

The Youth Skills Development Program is designed to prepare unemployed youths between 15 to 29 years for further education and training.

The program will uses applied learning strategies to develop academic, vocational and entrepreneurship skills.