802 Grams Of Marijuana Seized

A number of persons were over the weekend detained and charged with possession of controlled drugs and theft.

They include: Kasroy Davis, a 27 years old labourer of Chateaubelair, arrested at the Grenadines Wharf on March 18th. He was charged for being in possession 565 grams of marijuana, with intent to supply to another.

Also held on the 18th, is Patrick Baptiste, a 23 resident of Stubbs/Union Island, arrested and charged with the theft of a quantity of items amounting to EC$4,455.00, the property of Camelita Alexander of Diamond, stolen in Kingstown on February 5th 2016.

And 28 year old security guard- Glenroy Hoyte, was apprehended and charged for having in his possession 237 grams of marijuana, with intent to supply to another, arrested at the Grenadines Wharf, Kingstown on March 19th.