Corea’s/Hazell’s Inc To Offer Financial Support To Students In The North Leeward Area

Corea’s/Hazell’s Inc. has announced that it will be offering a five-year scholarship for a student from the North Leeward area who has the best performance in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment Examination (CPEA).

Addition Corea’s/Hazell’s Inc. through the Lion Club South will be contributing to the educational needs of the Spring Family in Cumberland.

The announcement was made by CEO/Managing Director of the Company, Joel Providence, at a ceremony held at Cumberland last Tuesday.

The ceremony was held to hand over keys of a brand new house to Florestine Spring, a mother of seven, whose house was damaged by the December 2013 Floods.

Mr. Providence said his company has a special interest in the welfare of the people of North Leeward.